CCC 231 - The Jules Faulkner Interview Part 2
Jules Faulkner joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about ending her webcomic Promises Promises and her new webcomic Knight and Dave.

Jules Faulkner

About the Comic:
Knight & Dave
Opposites don’t attract so much as follows each other around being contrary in the fairy-tale kingdom of Weetharyeht.
Join in the adventures of the gallant, if a little stuffy, Sir Iris and his reluctant sidekick, a goat called Dave (who sometimes needs a little help to get by in a world that finds him delicious).
Whether they’re fleeing pirates, slaying dragons or bribing a kraken at least they have each other… which is probably what got them into that mess in the first place.
About Artist:
According to her friends, “Jules barbecues hella good.”
Her first online comic, Promises Promises ran for six years and produced two volumes in print, Starting Tomorrow and Starting Monday.


Knight & Dave has a Patreon page – pre launch. Can you tell us a bit about what your planning with Patreon? Joel
Where do you get your ideas? – KIDDING! – Knight & Dave is a unique set up; Where were you when the idea for the new strip hit you? Joel
In the car. Jules
What prompted the move away from Promises Promises? Joel
Not s a sore spot at all. NP. Jules
What are some teasers or plot points you can give us about Knight and Dave? Matt
What have been some of the new challenges you’ve had to face? Matt
How has the reaction been from your Patrons? Matt
Ever give any thought to animating your characters at all, perhaps as a gif inside of one of your comics? Matt
There’s a fantasy element to K&D, are you going to be inventing some crazy new creatures, or are you planning to stick to the traditional ones? Matt
You’ve moved the launch date of Knight & Dave to April 10th. What was your reason for the delay? Joel
In one of your first Patreon posts for Knight & Dave you referred to Promises Promises as a “half-assed” attempt at a comic. Explain yourself!!! Joel
You’ve got some content that you’re currently only displaying on Patreon. What are your thougths on Patreon’s interface and how the end result is displayed? Joel
Knight & Dave is a long(er) form story, but you’re page size is horizantal. What lead you to that decision? Joel



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