CCC 226 - The Dave Blazek Interview
Dave Blazek joins Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme to talk about his experiences as a veteran journalist, 90s stand up and comedian and a real life modern day syndicated cartoonist of Loose Parts.

Dave Blazek Loose Parts

About the Comic:

Loose Parts is the oddly intelligent, weirdly entertaining and impulsively funny daily comic from the strange mind of Dave Blazek. It graces newspaper pages, websites and refrigerator doors all across North America (and on other continents with smart people, too). It roams living rooms, medieval castles and science labs; it peeks into suburban kitchens and operating rooms and treks to outer space and beyond, all in the search of funny.

About Artist:

Dave Blazek, who – when he’s not drawing wolverines doing surgery – is an illustrator, writer, animator, TV and Radio producer, and reformed standup comedian with two medium intestines instead of the standard large and small. Blazek’s advertising work has earned more than 120 local, national and international creative awards including a Clio and several ADDYs (all currently being used to hold doors open and/or smash garlic). He is one of the leaders of MediaLab, the groundbreaking newspaper marketing group at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. And oh yeah, he previously helped create the comic Dr. Katz Professional Therapist for Comedy Central. No fewer than five Loose Parts books are in circulation, available on the Internet closest to you.

Read The Comic:



Show Notes:

• I didn’t learn to draw until I was 43. Dave
• I actually got a syndication deal before I learned to draw. Dave
• I’ve now done ~5,500 cartoons in a row … one a day for 15 years. Dave
• I do that all on evenings and weekends as I have another career, too. Dave
• I just changed syndicates having moved to the Washington Post Writers Group and am now under the wing of famed editor Amy Lago. Dave
Have you spent any considerable amount of your life working in an office? Joel
Stand Up Comedy
Was Mitch Hedberg alive when you discovered him? Brian
What does it take to be a stand up comedian? Brian
Talk about Dr. Katz comic strip? Brian
You recently migrated syndicated. We love Amy Lago! How do things differ. Brian
How do you get syndicated in 2015? Brian
As an artist/writer/creator how do we keep from comparing ourselves to other artist? is it inevitable? does it hurt us? Brian
Do you draw the comic in batches? Joel
What is your daily creative routine like? Joel
Do you draw everything in black and white? Or color? Joel
Do the larger format Sunday strips present any challenges? Joel
So… Everyone in your comic has glasses… What’s up there? Joel
Do you have any say on where and how your comic is displayed online? Joel
Do you find your comic small/hard to read on go comics? Follow up…
What size does a newspaper reprint a single panel strip these days? Joel



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