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Comics Coast To Coast
Episode 94b - The 2010 Movie Episode

Show Notes: It’s another Tall Tale Radio/Comics Coast to Coast joint production! Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle” fame and I talk about the Summer Movies of 2010! Brian Dunaway and John Sanford couldn’t join us, but Justin and I couldn’t resist throwing in our two cents about Hollywood’s upcoming offerings of viewing pain and pleasure. Justin always has interesting things to say, and there are a couple of things we really disagree on, so it’s always a good time! Leave your comments…what do YOU think are going to be the top movies of the summer?

WARNING: There be spoilers here, especially about “Iron Man 2, ” which we talk about extensively in the beginning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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A special thanks to Tom, Scott Johnson (voicework), Sebastiaan (mashup) and all of our great listeners for making this show possible.

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