Episode 94 - The Paul Gilligan Interview (part 2)

pooch_cafeShow Notes: This week we talk with Paul Gilligan, creator of Pooch Cafe, about his movie deal with Sony and his Poncho: Year One project coming to a newspaper near you.
Creator Bio:

e Murray rode into notoriety on a new wave of animation

in the early 1990’s, as the creator, director and producer of the
Emmy award winning series “Rocko’s Modern Life” which aired
on Nickelodeon and was syndicated world wide. Stemming from
a crop of independent animators, ( and coming off a Student
Academy Award win) Joe brought to the tube a insatiable need
to poke fun at the institutions we hold dear, and skew the
subconscious with an array of whimsical yet irreverent characters.
Rocko soon became known as a personal project that hit a chord
with a legion of die hard fans.

Paul Gilligan’s affair with art began in 1970, in kindergarten, when he figured out that he stunk at sports and that art was his only other option for impressing chicks. Weaned on Mad magazine, super-hero comics and “Bloom County,” Paul attended Toronto’s Sheridan College for animation and illustration and took comedy writing at the Film Institute in Ottawa.

He tested out other jobs over the years such as gas jockey, carnie, night watchman and florist, before joining the Ottawa Citizen newspaper as its on-staff illustrator, where he won awards in both illustration and design. He also found work in advertising, editorial cartooning, storyboarding, comic books and animation, and finally set up shop in downtown Toronto as a free-lancer, where his roster of illustration clients grew to include the likes of Entertainment Weekly, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Disney, and Wired. During this time he created a number of strips, the culmination of which was Pooch Cafe.

Pooch was the first comic of the new millennium, debuting on Jan 1, 2000 with Copley News Syndicate. In 2003 it was picked up by Universal Press Syndicate, and since then it’s found its way into over 270 newspapers around the globe, including recent additions like London and Moscow.

Paul does not currently own a dog, but he skulks around dog parks doing research, and is an avid viewer of “Dogs With Jobs” and “Scooby-Doo” reruns.

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