Show Notes: This week John and Justin take a break and let me (Brian) host the show all by myself. What were they thinking!

I get a chance for a little one on one time with Brock Heasley from The Super Fogeys to talk about his new collaborative effort Monsterplex.

Monsterplex is written by Brock Heasley, Illustrated by David Schlotterback and colored by Michael DeVito.

The comic is about Corman Cinemas, where you see real monsters. Zombies. Wolf-men. Vampires. Bugs. Slimy…blob…things. Tearing your ticket. Making your popcorn. Sitting next to you in the theater for that “extra-added” scare. Authentic. Real.

Right now you can find Monsterplex at Zuda Comics.There you will see they are in a tight race for first place for this month’s comic contest winner. So be sure to head on over to Zuda and vote and favorite this comic if it fancies you…and I bet it will.

If you want to hear the whole Monsterplex crew talk more in depth about the comic and contest then be sure to check out Tall Tale Radio this next Monday. I’m sure Tom Racine will crawl into their heads and make a nest.

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A special thanks to our guest Brock Heasley. Thanks to Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio (voicework), Sebastiaan (mashup) and all of our great listeners for making this show possible.

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