Episode 81 - The Axe Cop Interview

Show Notes:

This week we have a chance to sit down with team Axe Cop and talk about it’s creation and where it’s going. Axe Cop, created and written by Malachai Niocolle and illustratred by Ethan Nicolle, is a webcomic about a cop who finds an axe at a fire and decides to fight crime in classic superhero fashion.

Just as interesting as the webcomic itself are the creators of this viral internet phenom. The writer, Malachai, is only 5 years old. His brother Ethan, the artist, is 29 years old. Despite such an age difference they are able to work as a team to create a powerful and amusing webcomic that has the creativity of a child with the artwork of a self taught cartoonist. In otherwords…pure magic.

At the top of the show we talk with Ethan Nicolle about Axe Cop’s inception to it’s subsequente rise to internet fame. He explains how the webcomic is brought to life with his lively writing sessions with his younger brother Malachai and a host of other things that shed light onto this mysterious thing called Axe Cop.

During the middle part of the show we get a chanece to talk to Malachai Nicolle (28:40) and get his take on this whole working with your family concept. I could try to explain what is said during this interview but you couldn’t possibly appreciate what it’s like for 3 grown men to have a comic discussion with a brilliant 5 year old without actually hearing it with your own ears.

So sit back…relax and get ready to delve into the minds of the Nicolle brothers.

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A special thanks to Ethan, Malachia and the whole Nicolle family. Thanks to Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio (voicework), John Sanford (co-host) and all of our great listeners for making it this show possible.

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As always, you can find our show by clicking the link below, or if you want to take us with you,
you can download us from iTunes.

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