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The first half of this very special episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to our returning co-host Justin Thompson about his recent visit to Cuba and what it meant to him as an artist and a human being. Jonathan Lemon of Rabbits Against Magic sits in for John Sanford. Lemon who has traveled many times to Cuba also shares his experiences of his time there. It get a little serious here people.

The second half of the show we get a chance to talk in depth about Rabbits Against Magic by Jonathan Lemon. During which time Lemon reveals a little know secret kitchen device that he received from a friend that could come in handy for his Siamese banana he picked up in Brazil.

So get ready for a roller coaster ride of serious humanitarian discussions to just plain silliness on this episode of Comics Coast To Coast.

A very special thanks to Jonathan Lemon (Guest Host and wonderful illustrator of the graphic above), Scott Johnson (Voicework), Sebastiaan (Mashup), all those on twitter who helped pick this weeks Webcomic Pick Of The Week and of course to all of the listeners who make this whole thing a lot of fun.

UPDATE: If you would like to order Justin’s new Mythtickle book you can send $19 dollars by check or money order along with your name and address and you will be one of the first to own this great book before it is even sold on the internet.

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