Might want to check out Tom Racine’s great intro to this interview at Tall Tale Radio before you listen to CC2C episode 76. There is some overlapping of the interview in each of the podcasts but it’s such a great interview it won’t kill you to hear some of it twice. 🙂

Comics Coast to Coast and Tall Tale Radio combine forces, because only with our mighty podcasting powers in tandem can we handle the magnitude of guest today?Mr. John Glynn of Universal Press Syndicate. John is here to talk about the ?Comic Strip Superstar? contest over on Amazon that?s touched a nerve in the comics world. We ask him some of the questions that have come up over at the Daily Cartoonist, and discuss the nature of syndication itself.  John is candid and funny, and has some great things to say, so listen up if you?re interested in the contest or syndication itself.  There are tips and ideas a plenty here!

Huge thanks to John Glynn for coming on the show and entertaining us goons. Love goes out to Tom Racine for his awesomeness (check out Tall Tale Radio “it’s the bee’s knees baby.”) Thanks to Justin Thompson of Mythtickle who is like my brother from another coast. We missed John Sanford this week. Check out his comic over at Chippy and Loopus. Thanks to Sebastiaan for the mashup. Check out Brian’s new comic A Guy In A Bush. and I guess as long as we are at it…we might as well thank Stephan Pastis of Pearls Before Swine for not suing us over all the nasty remarks we make about him on the show.


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