Howard TaylerThe Man: This week we talk with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary. The online comic space opera. You can check out Howard’s comic at

Howard graduated BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition. He currently lives in Utah and is not afraid to talk about his life as a mormon, which is more than most cartoonists will reveal about their religious beliefs. He is married and has between 3-5 kids. He works full-time as a cartoonist, writing, drawing, and coloring Schlock Mercenary.

During the show Howard takes a break from coloring his comic at Dragon Keep to answer a volley of questions from me (Brian) and Justin. The first half of the show me and Howard get a little side tracked when we start talking about Dungeons & Dragons. But we still manage to ask some hard hitting questions about how he manages to make a living at doing Schlock Mercenary.

The second half of the show is at least as juicy as the first half as we talk about Howard’s background and what projects he is working on and what’s the future looking like for him.

The Comic: (Taken from Basic Training on the Schlock Mercenary website) Welcome to the 31st Century! Humans entered the galactic age over 900 years ago, and now do business with all manner of alien folk.

Some of the very MOST alien of those folk are the carbosilicate amorphs, like Sergeant Schlock here. He’s extremely strong, reasonably intelligent, and much, much faster than he looks. He also has a penchant for violence, and couldn’t be happier with his job as a mercenary. Just keep him supplied with enemies, ammo, and Genuine Imitation Ovalkwik, and he’ll stay happy. Or, you know, he could just sit in the bathtub and surf the Infomercial channel on the hypernet. There are few things he likes more than a good bathtub, or one of those epic infomercials like “Getting Your Doctorate in Engineering from Popeil University.”

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