Hi folks, Justin here, and first off I have to apologize. This week we talk with Mark Bode (Bo•dee) of Cobalt 60, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miami Mice, The Lizard of Oz, and many other things. Mark is the son of the great Vaughn Bode who brought us Cheech Wizard, Sunpot, Junkwaffel, and many other great underground comics. I sound like such a #@%$ing @%$hole in this interview, and frankly I'm embarassed. I mean jeez, I'm like shot out of a cannon here. I listened to it this morning and was yelling at myself to calm the #@%$ down. But the damage is done. In my defense, I was very excited. See, Mark is carrying on with his father's work so #@%$ing well, and I've loved their work for so long. Probably most of my life as a cartoon fetishist. I fell in love with Da' Bode's work when I first saw Cheech Wizard in National Lampoon magazine, probably around 1970. I've followed Mark's work since the '80s and so to talk with him finally and ask him questions that I've had for almost 4 decades, just made me completely geek-out. So that's why I sound like such a $#!%-head. So please excuse me during this terrific interview with an amazing talent.

 Mark talks about his body of work, including his recent graphic novels: Cobalt 60 (pictured left). Mark reveals that he has been talking with the great movie director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) about a Cobalt 60 movie. Snyder has been a huge fan of Cobalt 60 for several years and actually approached Mark about wanting to make it happen. Must be nice, huh? Can you imagine? The hottest director in Hollywood approaches you and says he wants to make your creation come to life? Pretty amazing. Mark talks about other projects like his huge murals, and his joining with PUMA in designing urban clothing based on Bode creations.
bode clothing

So give this show a listen comic creators, and get inspired by a wonderful artist and his great imagination. And please excuse the loud dork (me).





For more on Vaughn Bode, see our entry on this website from last year for video of Vaughn Bode creating and speaking about his work. Click here .






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