Scott Metzger shows us what freelancing can get you (without protection).
 When we last spoke to Scott, he had switched his beloved and hilarious webcomic TREE to try something else. He has now discontinued this last strip, called Stewart the Bison (see link box at right) and he now has maybe the best freelance job EVER (see picture above)! No, he's not one of the characters in the fancy suits, strolling down the streets of San Francisco there, but he did design these characters. That's his art on the left. It's for a public health site and the taller character there is named "Healthy Penis". It's a site for syphyllus awareness. The link is here:, but before clicking you may want to be sure that it is OK with your company's server to get cookies and a weblog from Healthy Penis. If you are at home, click away. There's nothing at all wrong with this site or Scott's work, it's great. It's for public health and should not be regarded as anything lewd or silly. But you know how some companies can get. But hell, we're supportive!

Will Scott Metzger ever bring back Stewart? Will he revive TREE? And as for this latest job, will he be able to keep it up??? These and many other pertinent and burning questions may or may not be answered on this show. Who cares, it's hilarious.

Join Brian, Justin, and Scott Metzger for one of the funniest shows we've done yet!

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