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Join Brian and Justin as they spend some quality time with Paige Braddock, author and creator of Jane's World and artist of the smashing new science fiction graphic novel, The Martian Confederacy

We talk about her cartooning work now at and from when she illustrated stories for newspapers in Atlanta.

Paige is a huge fan of sci-fi movies so we touch on that for a while, and how this devotion shaped the texture and look of  the Martian Confederacy, which she drew and co-plotted. It is written and co-plotted by the very talented Jason Macnamara. Here's the official blurb regarding the book:

Toxic air. Bloodthirsty politicians. Drinking bears.

Welcome to Mars in the year 3535. Stripped of its natural resources and forgotten as a vacation destination, Martians struggle to afford breathable air. Boone, Spinner and Lou were three outlaws looking out for themselves. But when a cure for Mars’s toxic air falls into the wrong hands, thieves are forced to become heroes. And as an entire planet gasps for air, three rednecks will fight for the survival of their planet.

Heres a link to the character profiles: Please pick this book up, it's a great read. 

Our web comic pick of the week is Capes and Babes by Chris Flick. Check it out, all you comic fan-boys! It's right up your alley.


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