Brian and Justin do a quick 10 minute mini-cast to talk about our comic pick of the week Itchy Feet by Ashley Craig and place a call out to the comics coast to coast listeners to get in some questions they might want to ask next week's guest David Stanford of Comics Sherpa about the Sherpa service over at

HOLD ON! Sudden Change! 

David had to cancel for this next show, I'm trying to reschedule him. But hey, look at it this way: Now you have more time to send us questions, right? 
Get your questions in now, as soon as we can reschedule David we will let you know.

Write to:








write your congressman!

WRITE YOUR CONGESSMAN! Show them you care about your rights as an artist by opposing the 'Orphan Works Bill'.

 Click here on how to go about it! Sign the petition! There's also a link there for our international cartoonists and listeners too!

 Also, Illustrators Partnership has more information here .

ALSO: NPR is running a very interesting piece on the character of Charlie Brown. You can find it here , or find the podcast and just download it at iTunes. Go to the iTunes home page, and in the search window type: NPR: At Your Leisure Podcast. Then download episode 41. I think it may be at the end, so you have to listen through a bit about Oprah's closet, then a spot about Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles, but finally the piece about Charlie Brown is there. Just like our podcast, there's stuff you have to suffer through to get to the good stuff.



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Music by A Rex : Too Smart For Me

These are the Comics Coast To Coast guys comics:

A Mission Deep by Brian Dunaway

MythTickle by Justin Thompson

Booksmarts by Tom Racine

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