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Episode 39 - The Darrin Bell Interview (Candorville)



Darrin Bell, artist of Rudy Park and creator/writer/artist of the wonderful Candorville is our guest on show 39. We discuss his clear and cutting social commentary, his journalistic past, and Star Trek. Darrin is such a hard-working guy, and as if two comic strips weren’t enough, he owns and operates the famous  ToonTalk forum board. Stick around after the end music and hear some stuff that Brian recorded when we didn’t know he was recording, and posted without our permission. Laughing

Ah, we do have fun on Comics Coast To Coast.

Our webcomic pick of the week this week is the beautifully done ‘Worked ‘ over at Comics Sherpa. Check it out.




Rudy Park

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Music by V-Project : Disclaimer

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