Swamp Book    We make our 4th international call, on show #38. Not too shabby for three comic geeks with a brush pen and a dream. We've been to Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada once or twice, and this time we go DOWN UNDER to Brisbane Australia to have a chat with the artist/creator of "SWAMP ", Gary Clark. Wow, soon we might have to change the name of the show!

Click the image to the left there, to order Gary's new book, "Full Power Duck". Interviewing Gary, along with being fun, was very interesting. It's great to get an international perspective on this business. We found out what Gary has gone through in trying to reach an international audience and how he cracked Europe! Anyone out there, after listening to Gary's story, are urged to write us here and tell us your comments and any helpful hints you may be able to impart to him. We'll be sure to pass them on.

  This was a jam-packed show, so here's how it breaks down: First up, we read an article from last week's San Francisco Chronicle about their comics page. They substituted one of my favorite strips: Candorville for the vacationing Gary Trudeau and asked for comments (being a concerned comics page devotee, I of course wrote in). Well, what they heard from people was fairly surprising. Not as much concerning Candorville, as much as all of the other comics on the page. We'd love to hear what you think about what they found.Pink



Then we welcome an old friend back to the show, Mr. Mike Witmer calls in to give us an update on his strip: Pinkerton .

It would appear that the critters at Pinkerton Park have found a syndication home at Th3rd World Publishing! Click HERE to check that out. Congratulations, Mike. 

Finally, an item about a 16 year old fan in Brisbane Australia named Declan Byrne. Declan is an up and coming cartoonist who is a great admirer of Mr. Clark and at his urging, I contacted Gary for this interview. Although Declan could not join us for the interview (he is 16 people, no point draggin' the boy out of school for something he can always listen to later), we asked a few questions on his pimply behalf. Declan shows amazing potential for such a young Padawan and his strip Duxter shows a very sharp writing style that can only get better as he gets older and keeps working. So thanks Declan, keep at it, and this Foster's is fer you, mate.


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Music by Adam and the Couch Potatoes : What Are We 

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