On this show we drop the whole pre-prepared list of questions stuff and just have a nice hang with Worth Gowell , brilliant creator and artist of Small Wonder. We also look at his latest project:

Kid Houdini   Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits.

  Click the image to the left and get a preview of this amazing effort.  Kid Houdini and the   Silver Dollar Misfits will be available this June, and a special preview print copy will be  available as part of Viper Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Book on May 3. So start saving up  those pennies for free comic book d… oh, never mind….. It's FREE! So no excuses. Check it  out, it's brilliant.

 And check out Worth Gowell on this episoide of Comics Coast To Coast. A great guest who can just hang out and talk like a regular guy. I know we'll be hearing a lot more from Worth in the months to come.




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Music by Candy gram for Mongo : What Are We 

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