The great David Alvarez is the subject of our latest Q and A. He is the creator and artist of the comic 'Yenny' .

We make our 4th international call in this show, this time to David's home in San Juan Puerto Rico. David talked to us about his great comic, his rise to comic glory, and his prolific history with Warner Brothers and Disney. It's a great interview with an incredible talent.

This is a very special interview for me (Justin) because I've always wanted so badly to actually speak with David. When I started this web comics thing about 3 and a half years ago, David was instrumental in guiding my perspective and  extremely encouraging. He was the first friend I made in this web comics fraternity and Yenny is still my favorite web comic of all.

 Yenny's MySpace is

To join the Yenny Yahoo Group, just click here

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Thurbear by Casey Shaw, and the new and improved Windsor and Albert by Matthew Thompson.


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