We interview the great Paul Gilligan on this one. He's the creative talent who brings us the wonderful Pooch Cafe' each and every day. Paul discusses his process, his own pet situation, and his Pooch Cafe' animated movie deal with Sony.

Paul is Canadian (Hooraaaaay!) and he's just great to listen to. He's articulate, funny, and has the greatest li'l Canadian accent. So listen closely and you'll hear what that's all abewt.

Fair warning: Brian and I discuss politics at the end of the show.  Now, before you all roll your eyes, we don't get in a big fight, like you might imagine. But we fairly discuss this insane race (keep in mind this was recorded a few weeks ago, just after Super Tuesday) and what we think is going to happen. Brian touts the greatnes of Bobby Kennedy and how Obama reminds him of Bobby. Of course I whole-heartedly agree. Laughing

The web comic pick of the week is a real interesting one that comes to us via Comics Sherpa . It's called Dro-Mo and I just love it. It's funny, thought provoking, and there's no text so it's a fast read. This is exactly the kind of comic strp that the future comic audience will be gravitating toward. It caters to a short attention span, it works in any country in the world, it's clean, it's ideas are brilliant, and it's a great fit for a hand held device (like a cell phone or pda) which is where people are going to be getting their news more and more often as we go along in this century. I'd say, be on the lookout for more one panel strips like this. Dro-Mo is definitely ahead of the curve.

So over there to the right is the link to the iTunes download: "Fetch!"


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These are the Comics Coast To Coast guys comics:

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