Francesco Marciuliano author of 'Sally Forth' mixes it up with us with us on this show.


Warning: the following links are hysterical, but not all that kid-friendly.

It's a pretty silly, fun, crazy interview and we even get to talk to a real stand up comic, when the lovely Sara Benincasa drops in to Francesco's apartment to say hi. Sara actually comes to this guys house! (for love)

'Ces is a great interview, very funny, and he lets us in on the legacy of Sally Forth and what it's like from a writer's perspective to collaborate with an artist on a strip. He has his own blog, Francesco Explains It All.

A few years ago, he wrote and drew the comic strip Medium Large, which he plans to revive soon. He also writes the blog/performance series Conversations with Dad. He's a very funny writer, go read this stuff and see!

Our web comic Theater is from the Nov. 8th Pinkerton by Mike Witmer.

Our web comic pick of the week is Mongrels by Stevie Schulz.

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These are the Comics Coast To Coast guys comics:

A Mission Deep by Brian Dunaway

Myth Tickle by Justin Thompson

Booksmarts by Tom Racine

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