Episode 161 – The K. Lynn Smith Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Kati Lynn Smith about her old west comic Plume


Plume By K. Lynn Smith


About Artist:
“K. Lynn Smith found her start in the comic world as a freelance cartoonist for her university newspaper. Currently, she is a freelance photographer (shameless plug), a designer at her local Chamber of Commerce, and a ye olde storyteller of the Western persuasion, via Plume.

When she’s not shooting, designing, or writing, K. Lynn enjoys traveling, yoga and occassionally seeing the sunlight.”

About Comic:
Plume is a story set in the Old West about a girl named Vesper Grey and her supernatural companion, Corrick. On their quest to recover her father’s life work, they encounter new friends and new foes, and learn that the Wild West is anything but tame.

Show Notes:



Are you all digital or do you brainstorm/sketch in the really real world? Brian

Are you still using Photoshop CS4? Tried Manga Studio 5? Everybodies doing it. C’mon. Just a quick hit. Brian

What kind of hardware? Wacom? Intuous? Cintiq? Nintendo Zapper? Brian

Have you been creating the comic with an eye toward a print version? Matt

I read through the archives on my iPad. It felt like there was a lot of white space on the site. Why not make you art bigger? It deserves it! Joel

How big are your originals/digital templates? Joel


You use halftone patterns in your comic. Is this an homage to old school comic shading? How do you do them? C’mon. Out with it. We won’t use it…we promise. Brian

You have a very rich but muted color palette. Is this an ever evolving pallete like my spelling of pallette or did you pretty much have a theme in mind from the offset? Brian

What influenced you to do a old west themed comic? Was it so you could draw horses walking away? Or something more sincere like “my dad and I used to watch….” Please let it be something sappy!! Brian

You have had other artists such as Nei Ruffino, Joel Humberto Herrera and Elizabeth Torque create alternative covers for issues of the comic book versions of Plume. How do you feel with your characters in the hands of other artists? Was this a personal experience or something setup by your publisher? Brian

Your drawing style seems heavily influenced by animation, specifically disney and anime. Do you have some favorite films? Matt

I noticed your characters tend to have a white outline around them, how did that come about? Matt

Vesper’s hair is black with no detail beyond the silhouette. Corrick is the same but white. How did you reach that aesthetic? Is there a reason you can share for the juxtaposition? Joel


Your dialogue is sparse but punchy. Lots of energy. Do you write in this way naturally or do you labor over each word, beating the dialogue into some ruggedly handsome well spoken cowboy from the turn of the century. Brian

Do you often find yourself in the grocery store staring at the grapes trying to remember what you needed? Also, it isn’t grapes. No wait. That was me. Brian

Wait…now I remember. Do you write all the stories on your own? During my cyberstalking of the comic I saw a post where a friend was helping you write dialogue. Was that for humor effect or a little peak behind the curtain at the enormous head that is the Wizard? Brian

Is the whole story already written out or are you working from some kind of outline? Matt

How long do you anticipate the final story to be, or is it meant to be ongoing? Matt

Vesper and Corrick. Interesting names! How did you come up with them? How do you approach names in general? Joel

You do a great job of not beating the reader over the head with important details. IE: Amulet. Golden gun. Intentional technique or happy accident of your storytelling style? Joel

Personal Appearances and Shit:

Part of the comicer’s life has increasingly become dependent on getting out to the conventions & meeting the fans and potential fans. Tell us about the reception you get at the cons with Plume. Brian

Do you ever dress up for these conventions? Maybe in some Plume themed costuming? Do the Steam Punks ever try to start shit? Brian

Another part of the conventions is getting out and meeting your colleagues and heroes in the industry. Regale us with such an encounter. Brian

Lora Innes: The Dreamer


Into The Future:

With 2 successful kickstarter projects funded. Do you see a 3rd on the horizon? Love/Hate Kickstarter? Brian

More Plume? Other projects upcoming? Brian

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Special thanks: Scott Johnson (https://myextralife.com), Sebastiaan (The Mashup Man) for our Mashups, Nicole Spagnuolo (https://nicolespag.com) and everyone behind the scenes


Official Note Taker:
Jocelyn Moffett

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