Episode 159 – The Inkd Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Benedict Jones and Justin Salsburey of :


About INK’D : 


“Inkd is creating a distribution platform for Webcomics. You all know that Webcomics are one of the most creative and unique pieces of content thats surfaced on the internet, so it’s a real shame that there’s no platform built just for them. Right now the tech and online community are the biggest readers. But because they’re so much like Comic Strips in the Newspaper, we think a much larger audience is ready to enjoy them! Unfortunately they’re difficult to discover, organize, and consume. Inkd wants to solve these problems!

Users will have an experience similar to Twitter, in which you’ll see a stream of content being pushed from the webcomics you subscribe to. Unlike twitter however, when you decide to read a new issue of a webcomic you’ll be immersed in a comixology-like experience. But truly it all begins with the Authors. As the creators of this content they need better ways to publish their work, make it more accessible, and easier to share. Authors will have an opportunity to drive traffic back to thier site, and earn revenue through advertsing. Currently we are looking at providing the ability for Authors to create and place their own ads (at the end of each strip, for example) affording them a space to highlight merchandise, or drive traffic to any page on their site. Access to traditional options through an Ad Network will also be available.”


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Show Notes:


What was the motivation behind creating ink’d? Brian

(if not answered above) Are any of you aspiring cartoonists, fans or just saw a need in the market? Brian

You had an unsucceful Kickstarter Campaign back in January. Obviously, you are still moving forward. What’s the plan now? Brian

How much will ink’d cost? viewer vs publisher? Brian

Did you work with any cartoonists during the development of ink’d? Brian

Do you have a favorite cartoonist? Brian

Your number 1 selling point for ink’d as a publisher. as a user. Brian

With the general decline of ad revenue on websites (specifically webcomic sites) do you feel ad supported revenue with your app may suffer? Joel

How are you handling multiple screen sizes? From iPhone small to iPad big. Retina? Joel

The screen shots on your website appear elegant and user friendly. Can you tell us about your design mission objectives? Joel

Your site description mentions a curated experience for readers. Who’s taking care of that, Inkd or the creator? Customizable? Joel

Tell us about the Author Advisory Board. What’s that been like? Joel
Can you share how artists have received the project / how they have contributed? (I understand if per-launch you can’t be too specific) Joel

Out of all the platforms you’re planning to be on, which one do you think is/will be the most difficult? Matt

Have you been actively approaching creators or are you counting on them coming to you? Matt

Ranking system? Comics rated like apps are rated in the app store? (not important – can leave until last) Joel

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Greg Giordano · March 5, 2013 at 12:17 pm

I went over to the site and I found something pretty troubling. I quote,

“No, we will not offer traditional comics. We are for the Webcomic space, and that’s it. Webcomics have a distinct characteristic in being; short, one or a few strips, a limited # of panes, pubished frequently, and with a very independent nature. Also, content that is particularly diverse subjects and approaches (not just super-heroes, here)! We like to look at them as ‘comic-strips for adults’. Followers of Webcomic have an equally unique, and diverse makeup of their own as a community. We think all of those things are super-awesome, and want to foster that community both with our apps, and through some healthy discussion and sharing through our Forum (which you should check out if you haven’t). Wecomics, and webcomic people are a special group, and Ink’d is for just for them :)”


So the entire other half or third of webcomics- the full page or longform webcomic- tons of them- like Gunnerkrig and Lady Ether for example, well apparently those aren’t webcomics! I’m just starting out with a full page comic- guess that what I do and all the rest that don’t use “short, one or a few strips, a limited # of panes[sic]” doesn’t qualify in their eyes.

And here I thought I was indy and a minority in the comics arena for self-publishing a webcomic- thanks to this new venture’s public attitude, I get to be twice marginalized. Not feeling the love, Ink’d- not feelin’ the love.

Greg Giordano · March 5, 2013 at 2:20 pm

Got a very polite and reasurring reply from Justin at Ink’d. “We certainly welcome everyone with open arms. Ink’d was always intended to be an inclusive service. ”

Thanks Ink’d!

admin · March 6, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Woot Woot.

Phil · March 10, 2013 at 3:40 pm

There’s no link to the Ink’d website?

jocelyn · March 26, 2013 at 5:30 pm is the website 🙂

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