Episode 158 – The Stephen Fox Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Stephen Fox of the superhero webcomic NEX


About Artist:
“My whole life, I’ve felt my purpose was to tell stories of optimism. While that may seem vague enough, it’s actually a pretty restricting perameter. To me, it’s an important one though.

There are enough stories that use cynicism and vulgarity to wrangle the simplest form of humor or art. While some of my work is less than refined, it is my hope to always offer an escape from whatever troubles you might be experiencing. As someone that believes in a loving—while baffling creator, I also believe that even simple or silly stories like NEX can be worthwhile. Because of that belief, I put a lot of my heart and soul into each thing I write and illustrate. The drawback is that because I’m a father and husband, it’s difficult to pour a lot of time into an endeavor that doesn’t help with the bills at all.

About The Comic
NEX is a totally original comedy comic about redneck superheroes. Specifically, four rednecks from the small southern town of Bucksnort, TN that are abducted, and mistakenly injected with an alien super-serum intended for Martian super-soldiers. This series follows Mack, Ricky, Bret & Keith as they become the world’s first redneck superhero team. These guys aren’t mild-mannered, articulate, defenders of a big city. the world has enough of those kind of heroes. NEX: Superheroes for the rest of us.


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Show Notes:


MATT: I don’t know if any of this will help, but here are some bit’s o’ information:
“I wrote a kid’s book called “”Lela’s Tree”” as a charity fundraiser for a local Nashville adoption…

STEPHEN: I love Futurama, King of the Hill, The Muppets, A Lone Star State of Mind, Trailer Park Boys, & Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—all of which inspired NEX in one way or another
Bucksnort TN really exists 🙂
NEX was originally created as an 80 page series proposal to Adult Swim
Watching Mat The Wad inspired me to consider animation before making NEX a comic…a realization that the amount of work would be awful and nightmarish in it’s neverendingness talked me out of it.
Listening to CCtoC (along with one other pcast) is what convinced me to make NEX a comic, and to post it online for free.
NEX book #2 will have a back up story about a trio of Fat Vampires, called…Fat Vampires.

Walk us through your creative (visual) process for NEX. (Digital? Traditional? Obviously full color.) Joel
With all the cultural references you use in the dialogue, are you worried some people won’t get it? Matt
So the burning question (if not already answered)… Why rednecks? Joel
What type of comics would you say dominate your reading? Marvel/DC? Indie? (web) Gag a day? Long form, like yours? Joel

The comic has a lot of dialogue at times, was it difficult to balance the visuals with the word balloons? Matt
I see a little MAD magazine influence here, am I wrong? Matt
I hope the crazy stalker alien isn’t based on a real person. Matt
Spoiler on a spaceship. Awesome. Matt
Will there ever be a sequel? Matt
Old comics? Matt
Characters based on real people? Matt

Where do you see yourself in 5 years with regards to NEX and your work? Goals? (not just the books) Joel
Let’s not forget to mention the fun community still growing at Webcomics Google+ Community Joel

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