Episode 157 – The Dave Kellett Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Dave Kellett of Sheldon, Drive and Stripped: The Comics Documentary.

About Sheldon: “See, Sheldon is this weird, wonderful little strip…with geeky characters, all-ages storylines, and lots of pop-culture nerdiness. At its center is this odd little family: A boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both.” Check out the cast of characters HERE!

About Drive: “DRIVE tells the story of a second Spanish empire, a galactic empire, and it’s looming war with a race called “The Continuum of Makers”. Humanity has built their empire using technology stolen from the Makers — and these creatures want it back with an almost religious fervor.

In the brewing war, it’s clear that humanity will lose, and lose badly, unless they can find some advantage in battle. That hope arrives in the form of a tiny, mysterious creature who can drive a starship like no one’s ever seen. Now all humanity needs to do…is find 10,000 more pilots just like him. But no one knows where he’s from.

We follow the crew of the scout ship Machito, who have been press-ganged into a unique mission by an Emperor they despise: Find this mysterious race, or the empire…ends.” Check out the cast of characters HERE!

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Show Notes:


This is your longest running comic correct? You ever think about stopping? (right for the jugular…gnaw gnaw a pug with no teeth) Brian

It seems you put no limits on what Sheldo would be able to do in your comic by making him a self made man from the start. How does Sheldon keep grounded? In other words…do you ever worry your readers will not be able to relate to 10 year old rich kid of the internet age? Brian

What do you get the most out of with Drive? Departure from Sheldon? Testing ground for new techniques/ideas? Joel

I think I read/heard that you draw Drive with a pure digital process. Do you own or have you produced art for comics on an iPad/tablet? Joel

One was not enough? What did your spouse think about a second strip? Brian

Freeing Comics Talk
In your talk at OSU “The Freeing of the Comics” you mentioned how little online advertising effects your bottom line. As far as I can tell, in the past 2 years online advertising (for comics) has fallen further. Have you considered dumping ads all together on your site? Joel

Be accessible. – Be entertaining. – Be kind. Joel has a story. I am scared.

Your process is well documented in books, podcasts and even a video on your site – but how has it changed recently? (past few years) Joel

Fill us in on the new standing desk. How do you like it? (I have one as well – make shift, but it works.) Joel

Time Management
How do you stay in the present when so much planning is going into your future. Brian

Stripped: The Comics Documentary
Stripped features a HUGE list of comic professionals… Can you share one of your favorite moments? Joel
A. With a mentor? Joel
B. With a peer? Joel

You’ve reached what most creators would consider to be success. What do you think were the most important ingredients in getting there? Matt

What has been the most unexpected part of your journey? Matt’s_hierarchy_of_needs

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Adrian Ropp · February 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm

This was a really great episode, everyone. I really enjoyed it! Kudos.

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