Episode 156 – The Megan and Isabelle Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Meg and Isa about their collaborative work on their fantasy and fairies comic Namesake.
Check out the comic here: 

About: Isabelle Melanço
Isabelle is a French-Canadian artist who grew up in Ottawa and currently lives in Montreal. Her professional debut, ROSE, was published in 2009.

About: Megan Lavey-Heaton
Megan Lavey-Heaton is a visual journalist who has moved across the United States several times for her craft. She is currently a newspaper designer and freelance blogger who resides in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

About: The story
Namesake is the story of Emma Crewe, a woman who discovers she can visit other worlds. She finds out that these are places she already knows – fantasy and fairy lands made famous through the spoken word, literature and cinema. Her power as a Namesake forces her to act as a protagonist in these familiar stories as she figures out how to get home.


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Show Notes:

– Who came up with the idea for your fantasy comic Namesake?

– How did you two meet?

– Have you heard of Ni no Kuni? Are you guys really huge into Anime?

– How do you like working in a comic book store?

– What does Megan do for a living?

– Print vs Digital, go!

– Self publishing and Kickstarter – Namesake Book 2

– Publishing in North America vs Publishing in China, why did you decide to go local?

– What is your process? How does the collaboration between you two work?

– How do you do all the lettering for the comic?

– Conventions! Where are you heading? Tell us about them.

– Tools of the Trade! What do you use, what do you recommend?

– Nomad Brush

– Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad (from Brian)

– Are you fans of the original Wizard of Oz movie? How did you get introduced to that world?

– Books vs Movies in the Oz universe

– Speaking of creepy adaptations, have you played Alice: Madness Returns?

– What was the idea that sparked the story of Namesake?

– Any tips on collaboration?

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All links to Megan and Isa’s social media accounts are found on the Namesake website! (Right hand side, down where the blog is).

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