Episode 151 – The Mike Witmer Interview
On this episode of Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Mike Witmer creator of Pinkerton and long time friend of the show.

About Pinkerton: (source:

“Pinkerton is written and drawn by Mike Witmer. Mike is a movie geek, a tech nerd, a spiffy dresser, and a beer lover. He lives with his girlfriend and their Brady Bunch-style combined family in scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (where he forces them all to labor tirelessly on the heavy lifting with Pinkerton).
His mother is his biggest fan.”

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Show Notes:

Our questions for our guest:

  • Pinkerton is back! Where did it go? Brian
  • I heard the relaunch was fraught with peril. Tell us how you responded to the Godaddy Hacking. Brian
  • Preferred Readers. Tell me more. Brian
  • Have you had any problems getting your groove back? Or has it slipped back on like a well worn Cintiq glove? Brian
  • Did you watch a lot of Yogi Bear growing up? You seem to have a keen interest in parks. Do you go to any parks in real life? Talk to animals? Feed them? Brian
  • Who do you see out there successfully marketing their comic strip that you would like to steal all their good ideas and make them your own? Brian
  • Tell us what tools you are using? To create the strip. Brian
  • The internet is full of online productivity tools mysteriously hanging in the cloud. Do you find any of these useful? Indispensable? CS6 as service? Brian
  • Where do you see Pinkerton in 50 years? That’s a milestone Sparky set and Jim Davis is barreling towards. Think he will make it? Brian
  • Give our listeners some advice they can’t afford to ignore Brian
  • Spoons and Forks for ears. Are they plastic or silver? Brian
  • You obviously know you’re characters really well. How did you land on their personalities? Joel
  • “My suck cup runneth over” <– ? Great line. What other forms of comedy influence your humor? Joel
  • Just out of curiosity, have you ever watched “Angry Beavers?” Joel
  • Pinkerton, now in technicolor – What prompted the switch? Joel
  • Related: Framing/sizing/color – Any format concerns for future projects in print, like a book?
  • You seem to have jumped back into Pinkerton Park with enthusiasm. Any big plans in the future? Matt
  • There seems to be a lot of identity crisis floating around Pinkerton Park lately. Any significant changes planned? Matt

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