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Comics Coast To Coast
Episode 134 – The It's Finally Here Episode

We are back! After a hiatus in January, Comics Coast To Coast has returned. On this episode we talk about what we have been reading and what we think about this whole KickStarter thing. Tune in!

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Show Notes:

What We’re Reading


Dog Eat Doug
The Conjurers
Scenes from a Multiverse
Anyone for Rhubarb?
Extra Life
Myth Tickle
Chippy and Loopus!


Ellie on Planet X
Rock Manlyfist


Promises, Promises
My Bad: A Zits Treasury

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Kickstarter drive for The Order of the Stick is earning big money and breaking records…

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smbhax · February 9, 2012 at 2:27 am

Yay! I finished going through your archive and was starting to worry I’d have no more episodes to keep me happy while working. Whew! Welcome back. 😀

(It sounds like Brian’s voice track gets a little out of sync with the others maybe mid-way through this episode.)

It’s nice that Kickstarter is helping some webcomic authors (hopefully not just the super popular ones)… I do worry that with the spread of news of these massive cash-ins, creators will start to base their entire business plans around it (well okay that part is already happening), and suddenly a lot of them will be heavily invested in what is essentially a gold rush scenario–and history would suggest that the easy money always dries up, whether that’s due to market saturation, increased competition, or whatever.

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