Episode 122 – The Brian Anderson Interview

Join us this week on Comics Coast To Coast as Brian Dunaway ( , Joel Duggan (StarCrossedOnline), Denver Brubaker ( and Matthew Ducharme ( talk to Brian Anderson of Dog Eat Doug about his comic and career. Thanks to all!

Dog Eat Doug: Babies and puppies are both quite cute, but underneath the soft, cuddly exteriors lie the fearsome hearts of competitors. Well, not really. When a new baby joins the household, Sophie the dog is initially irritated, but eventually comes to see the baby, Doug, as the asset he is: a better way to get snacks. Though the baby is still hogging precious attention, and has a tendency to pull ears and be a general nuisance, a begrudging friendship forms between the two rivals. Watch the mischief unfold in Brian Anderson’s Dog Eat Doug.

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Show Notes:

Webcomic Pick Of The Week: MAROONED by Tom Dell-Aringa

Producer’s Picks: 

Comics News: Prince Harry gets the comic book treatment (CNN), Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’ Series Goes Digital (WSJ)

Get Cheap: The MAROONED OMNIBUS, pay what you can-> Digital Book

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Tom Dell'Aringa · August 2, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Hey guys, thanks for the pub and the kind words about Marooned! I really appreciate it. Regarding the “pay what you want” Omnibus. I can tell you that of the orders I have gotten so far, people have been generous, and I’ve received nothing under $5.



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