Episode 113 – The Denver Brubaker Interview

This week on Comics Coast To Coast we talk to Denver Brubaker of Tales of a Checkered Man

Quick News:

Scott Adams Poses as His Own Fan on Message Boards to Defend Himself

A very special thanks to Justin Thompson (, John (, Sebastiaan for our mashup and Scott ( for his mighty fine voice work.

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KandJComic by  Sara & John Sanford

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Erik Johnson · April 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Great to hear from another Michigan cartoonist/ comics guy! I got a little frustrated with the lengthy Watchmen movie discussion. You guys tend to get off topic and talk about movies a lot, but it gets me a little miffed because despite how much I love movies, I’m here to listen to talk about comics. Plus its a little frustrating to listen to a movie discussion and not be able to chime in! hahaha.

Anyway, My eyebrows sprung when I heard about this Ann Arbor Library Comics Forum. That’s only a two hour drive for me, and might be a for me. Hopefully I could attend at a future date?

HeroesCon was mentioned as well, that might be a good way for me to break into the convention scene since I have relatives close to Charlotte. Yeah.

It was especially encouraging to hear of similar influences like Adam West’s Batman, which I used to watch after school on cable when I was in the 8th grade, so I knew exactly what you were talking about with Batman always being right and condescending to Robin. The “Safety Belt” recollection brought back so many funny memories, especially of similar incidents like Batman reminding Robin to drive the speed limits, park the Batmobile legally, feed the meter, avoid alcohol and that its perfectly natural to have strange feelings in your utility belt when Batgirl bounds onto the set. Ah. Sweet Sweet Nostalgia!

Absolutely blown away by your recommendation of K and J comics. I bookmarked it by the second strip!

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