Episode 102 - The Len Peralta Interview

This week we talk to Len Peralta of Geek A Week. Len never stops. The man is a machine. He’s always cooking up some idea for the future and knows just about everybody.

About Len: “My name is Len Peralta and I am an Internet cartoonist.

I believe in many things. Ghosts. Elves. Bigfoot. But most of all, I believe in making art affordable for everyone.
I’ve been very fortunate to do some interesting illustrations. I’ve drawn princes throwing up. I’ve drawn Internet rock stars dressed up in skin-tight catsuits. I have illustrated a few books. I’ve drawn art for a card game about medical malpractice. Even the New Yorker has shown off my stuff. I’ve drawn hoboes and molemen and superheroes and video game characters. You know, all the stuff that would end up in the margins of your notebooks in grade school, high school and college. Somehow I’ve managed to eek a living out doing these things. No one is more amazed at this fact than I am.”

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