We start the show by talking to Justin about the Buddhist holiday Wesak then we go on to talk about Newspaper Syndication vs Syndicating yourself on the web. Where do we host our comics? Well we talk about that next. We talk about Comikaze as a comic management application. Justin and Tom host their comic on Comics Sherpa and we talk about the pros and cons of that. We talk about Justin's vegetarian lifestyle. We get back on topic by talking about hosting again. Such as Keenspot and Humorous Maximus . Talk about our favorite comics. Justin likes Tree by Scott Metzger. We talk about our past comic projects and Tom's experiences with rejection letters. Repect to Tom. We talk about the comic process. We rap up the show by talking about some recent movies.

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I hope you enjoyed the show and enjoy the host's comic's:

A Mission Deep by Brian Dunaway

Myth Tickle by Justin Thompson

Booksmarts by Tom Racine

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