Episode 105 – The Comic Readers Interview

On this very excellent episode of Comics Coast To Coast we sit down with MXC, Clinton, Amy, Chris and Joel. Who are these cast of characters? They are programmers, artist, voice actors, students and podcasters. Most importantly they are comic readers. We sit down one on one and grill them about their the comics they read and why. Thanks to all you guys and gals. You were great.

Links coming. There are a lot.

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Music To Draw By

Marshall Bomb by DeerFoot

Webcomic Pick Of The Week

Space Base by David Scott Smith

  • Neat. Though I realize you can’t do this all the time, I look forward to hearing more segments/episodes like this one.

    Also, for some reason, I highly enjoyed the “at the sound of the beep, please turn the page.” I don’t know why. It quite amused me.

  • Thanks for choosing Space Base 8 as the Webcomic Pick Of The Week! Love the show, and have listened for a long time. What a great surprise. Thanks a bunch, really!

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  • This was a fun episode! Also nice to hear Joel’s first appearance (I’m listening to these in reverse order :D)